Member of the Month | Jon Wu

Jon is an absolute pleasure to have in the gym! He is extremely coachable and asks great questions. He helps keep class fun and light for both the coaches and fellow members. He is very determined but also patient with himself, modifying if he needs to to keep himself on the path to success, staying humble and taking his growth in stride (all signs of a great athlete!). This has manifested huge as of late, given all the PRs he's hit and progress he's made! I think he surprised himself with how strong he has become during our members' only competition, and we all remember what an awesome experience the Open was for him, getting his first bar muscle ups in 17.2 and doing 17.4 immediately after it was released on his own with a group of awesome Cruxers cheering him on. Keep working hard, Jon - it's paying dividends. PS - I challenge you to a game of Spikeball in the near future :)

- Coach Marianne

What brought you to CrossFit? 
Was driving past the gym one day since I had recently moved to the area and saw the windows. Everyone was really kind and friendly so I got details on how to get started and began the OnRamp classes that week!
What was your first impression? Has it changed?
As someone who played sports throughout high school and college, I remember being more sore and exhausted than I’ve ever been after workouts and even on rest days. Definitely as much a mental work out as a physical one.
I’m still sore and tired afterwards because the coaches have all been getting me to push myself a little more, however now it’s a lot more fun because working out in a group with everyone helps you shut out any doubts and gets you to grind through the movements.
What’s your proudest moment at Crux?
Bar muscle ups at the Open! It was pretty exciting hearing the gym cheer after I finally got up there. I remember not getting them for a few months after the open so it was definitely all adrenaline and hype that helped me through that
What are you working on now?
 I think this past cycle has been all about shoulders/arms with the presses, hand stand holds, snatches and pull ups. All of which are definite weaknesses for me so I’m glad we got to do that before the summer aka. Beach time
What ‘s your favourite thing about or memory at Crux?
 I really enjoyed the Open and how loud the gym is when we’re all cheering each other on. It definitely feels like you get an extra wind when you hear that and it helps you lift heavier or do movements that you couldn’t do before
What motivates you?
 If I’m to keep up with my McDonalds diet I have to get through several workouts a week.
The actual motivation is seeing everyone else’s scores on SugarWod or the whiteboard, or even the PR board. Seeing many people who have already done the workouts or skills helps me convince myself that I should still go on days that I’m lazy.
Advice to someone getting started?
 Come in challenge yourself! Listen to the coaches, don’t worry about all the acronyms and names of movements, just get to the gym and be prepared to work!