Shop Etiquette | The List

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There are some things that we do every single day  – like meeting at the whiteboard to talk through the workout or going through a proper warm-up. While in some ways mundane, it lays the foundation for the environment in which we train and is an integral part of our class vibe.
The same could be said for our list of Shop Etiquette – this list makes expectations clear, holds us each accountable to our community, and aides in the daily operations of the shop.
We wanted to take a moment to review our etiquette list. Now, I know what some of you are thinking, “Oh shit, was it me? Did I not do one of the things on this list? Is this post about me?!?!”

The answer is simple – no.

We share this list periodically because it reflects our culture and rereading it helps to fortify its contents into daily shop life and mindset. This is the structure for how we operate, what we think is important, and what we expect of the athletes in our community. Each of you have committed to it, and for that, we thank you.

CrossFit Shop Etiquette

Be on Time
We cover a lot in class and utilize every minute. No, we won’t lock the doors five minutes after class starts; however, if you’re late, please assimilate into class by mimicking what you see going on!

Check Your Ego at the Door
Please check your ego at the door, it’s likely to get trounced if you don’t; no one cares how much you can lift, we only care how well you can lift it and if you scaled the workout appropriately. The coaches are there to help you improve now and long into the future.

Introduce Yourself
Please introduce yourself to all newcomers (or someone you don’t recognize). Remember when you were the new guy or gal? A friendly introduction goes a long way. Plus, they may need to revive your unconscious body later on and “hey dude” is so impersonal.

Don’t Break Down Your Equipment Until Everyone Has Finished the Workout
At Roots, no one breaks down their equipment until everyone has finished the workout. This is a common courtesy that you too will one day benefit from as everyone is last in the workout someday. You can cheer on others, grab a foam roller, or just sit and enjoy the down time, but don’t touch your equipment.

No Ghost-Riding the Barbells – Ever
Yes, we know you’re cool and we know how empowering it is to drop a barbell from overhead. You know what’s not empowering? When you barbell drops to the floor and dances into someone else’s shin injuring them for weeks. Not sure what ghost-riding looks like? Ask your coach next time in class.

Treat Empty Barbells Like They Were Your Baby
Would you drop your baby from three feet above the ground? We certainly hope not. We use an empty barbell a lot in class for drill and form work.  When putting the barbell down, gently place in on the ground with the utmost care and admiration for the fine piece of equipment that is a barbell.

Check Your Surroundings and Stick to Your Equipment
The shop is not your oyster, it’s many people’s oyster. If you set up on one pull-up bar, don’t take someone else’s bar just because they’re not there. If your wallball is further away from the rest of your equipment than you would like, well then, run to the wallball, don’t use someone else’s just because it’s closer.

Kindergarten Rules Still Apply
You have to clean-up after yourself. It’s your responsbility to get out and put away your equipment, count your own reps, get your own tissue, and clean off your bars. Plus, by carrying those huge Rogue boxes all the way across the shop, you’ll gain a lot of fitness.

Clean Off Your Bars
It’s quite possible that at some point in your CrossFit career you may bleed on a pull-up bar or barbell. Please, please clean off your bar with one of the shop disinfectant wipes.

Chalk Usage
Chalk stays in the chalk bucket. Yes, you’ll have to walk all the way to the chalk bucket to dust your hands. While some people believe that chalk is the magic fairy dust of CrossFit performance, the fact of the matter is that a light dusting of your hands is all you need.

Go the Distance
Every athlete pushes themselves in a different way. You can scream, cuss, cry, go to your happy place, bleed, or even rest…just don’t quit. The human body is capable of more than you can possibly comprehend; challenge it accordingly.