PROGRAM UPDATE | New Schedule is in effect May 1st 

What is changing?

Sweat Angel classes are moving to Metcon Classes across the board!
Our Sweat angels program started in 2013 and has been a great starting point for many women who felt intimidated by the barbell or a CrossFit gym setting.   By not including barbell lifts we were able to eliminate the need for an onramp and drastically reduced the learning curve.  This allowed us to bring CrossFit methods to more people and get them up to speed quickly. Also since there was less instruction necessary, it became more cost effective for members.  We quickly realized that these benefits could help both men and women and introduced the CrossFit lite/Metcon classes to our schedule in order to allow everyone to train together.  
Both, our sweat angel and metcon members now enjoy the same benefits of our CrossFit methodology, great programming and amazing coaches.  As these programs have evolved we now realize that the distinction between the two is no longer necessary.  Our metcon classes serve the same purpose as our sweat angel classes and are more inclusive.  Therefore we have decided to merge the two programs to allow for more flexibility and training for all of our members.  Courtney has been the program director of our Sweat Angels since inception and we have now expanded her role to include the Metcon.  Come try one of her classes and let us know what you think!

New Rowing/Running class (alternating Mon & Wed @ 6:30 pm).
These are open to all members and will aim to slowly build up your rowing and running capacity.  The classes will be a mixture of partner rowing, running, interval training and some longer duration rows and runs now and again.   These are all elements of fitness that we can all serve to get better at and can all be scaled, so don't be afraid to try these classes out.  The classes will be limited to 14 and will take place in the smaller gym while our Obstacle Course Training runs May 15-June 23rd. 

Our metcon schedule will allow for more training on the weekends and later in the evening during those warmer months that bring more evening activities and longer days for those who work outside.  The new Metcon schedule is as follows:

Now that the Open is over and many local competitions are starting to ramp up, we will be bringing the Sport Class back to the schedule on Saturdays.  Getting ready for your first or 10th competition is always a lot of work and requires a bit different training.  The programming for this class is structured around competing in the sport of CrossFit, focusing on improving skills and team/partner work in a competition style format.  

Our current requirements to attend this class are proficiency in Double unders and unassisted pull ups.

Check out this list of upcoming competitions that we know about this summer.   If you want more information about these classes or any upcoming competitions feel free to reach out at anytime.