UPDATE | Membership Rates

Over the last year, we have been proud to introduce changes that have benefitted all of our members. The Intramural Open was a riot as always, and we continue to add new class times as needed.  We have expanded our open gym hours and added new specialty programs as well as new coaches, meaning a better experience for everyone.

Our membership rates have been one of the  lowest in York region since we opened our doors in 2010.  This is despite the higher value and upgrades added since leaving our space on Ringwood four years ago. In addition, each and every year the cost of running a business in Stouffville increases.  As  our expenses continue to grow, we can no longer absorb the increase in operating costs. Our new 2017 rates will reflect the improvements we’ve been making over the last several years and ensure we  can continue to grow and bring you the best coaching, programming and community possible.

While we have raised monthly rates, we continue to be one of the few CrossFit gyms that requires NO contract.  We believe the quality of our product sells itself and we want you coming to the gym because you love it, not paying us because you are obligated to by a contract.  As you will have also noticed, we have brought back our 12 classes per month and increased our open gym hours for unlimited members on Mon-Fri from 8:30am-8:30 pm.  We hope this will allow for more flexibility for all our members.

We know that it’s no fun to hear that costs are going up, but we hope you understand that it is a necessity and an investment in the long term future of Crux.  If you have any questions or concerns about how these changes affect your specific situation please direct them to

Our full membership rates along with membership change/hold/cancellation policies can be found at www.crossfitcrux.com/pricing/.