24 Hour Adaptation Cycle

This article was written by Mobility WOD and originally appeared on www.mobilitywod.com.

We are often asked about morning routine, daily routine, and sleep routine. And we're not alone. The Internet is teeming with advice on the routines of successful entrepreneurs, investors, junior iron chefs, lion tamers -- you name the profession, there's a list of its leaders and their routines.

Before you know it you've got a checklist with 101 quirky To Dos and a head filled with secret shake recipes, special sock-donning sequences, and inverted sleeping positions.

We tried to cut through some of the noise and distill our own "routine" down into a handful of best practices.

We call it our Adaptation Cycle (you may have seen us talking about it before) and it takes the athlete through a 24-hour period, from that sunrise lemon water to the blacked-out bedroom.

Seriously, people: it doesn't have to be more complicated than this. 13 simple boxes to check. And plenty of veggies to eat.