Member of the Month | Catherine Mackenzie

The ideal CrossFit member is someone who is happy and positive, who always make others feel welcome and who knows how hard to push themselves each and every day.  Those people make the coach's job easier and the classes themselves more enjoyable for all members.  That's Catherine in a nutshell.  She is always smiling and her positive energy makes every class more fun.  When there is a new member in class, she is the first to introduce herself and is there to cheer them on as they finish their WOD.  We all know that it's hard to be the new person in class and Catherine helps make those new members feel comfortable.  She also seems to know just how hard to push herself to get the greatest benefit each day.  Catherine tests her limits when appropriate, but realizes that lasting progress sometimes comes slowly.  And speaking of progress, how about her 20th place finish for her age group in this year's CrossFit Open for Canada East!!  A very impressive finish for a very impressive woman.  - Coach Sean


What brought you to CrossFit?
 have a daughter named Molly and she has always encouraged me to meet my potential..this was a new fitness concept and I agreed that I would try.
What was your first impression?  
The noise of the barbells being dropped..seemed like they were throwing them..Scared me!!   How could I ever jump onto a box.. I could barely hop onto a one inch platform.  My double dutch skipping experience did not prepare me  to even consider attempting a double under.  Somewhat skeptical. 

Has it changed?
Thanks to the amazing coaches at Crux, during the open, I dropped the bar like a pro, I jumped on the 20 inch box 75 times and on the final open workout, somehow the double unders came to life.  The perfect rope magically appeared. 
What’s your proudest moment at Crux?
During the open, chest to bar pull-ups were part of the 17.2  challenge.  I had never done one…. just 20 minutes before my start while I was trying to figure out the movement ..Marianne saw my struggles to attempt one and provided so much encouragement. Thank you.  Therefore my expectation was to try to complete ONE chest to bar.   I did ONE jumped down, did a silly “happy dance”, then I did a second one...the count was slow but I did 16.  My judge, an amazingly patient man, counted each and every one with such support that I could not help but smile after each one was completed.  When I finished the tears came flowing down and I knew that it took every ounce of my determination to “Find a Way” .
What are you working on now?  
Squats..Seems I need to be brave getting to the proper depth without using a wall ball for measurement..Thanks Rachel! I will try.
What ‘s your favourite thing about or memory at Crux?
The people I have come to know at Crux.  We arrive to our classes knowing full well  it will be tough.  We enter the gym and we try our very best.  The words of encouragement, smiles, high fives (or hitting fists together and I usually mess that up), hugs and CHEERS all makes for a great day.
What motivates you?  
My mom….she is 85 years old..she came to watch the last open workout..afterward, she asked if she could try the rowing machine..Wow..she tried..and rowed like a champ.  She allows nothing to stand in her way.   If she can try..I can too!!

Advice to someone getting started?  
It is OK to sweat.   Learn and understand the movements, the coaches are there to help.  Once this happens the sky is the limit.