Intramurals Standings

What a work out.  Snatches and Pull ups..who would have thought??

You know what that means.....thrusters, burpees, rowing , wall balls and double unders are still waiting for us in the next 2 weeks.

Friday night was a lot of fun and the turn out was still great - even with March Break upon us. We had lots of Green, Red, Blue and Purple in the gym and we witnessed over 50 athletes put up some great times and snatches.

I know some of the movements have been challenging for some along the way so far but it never seems to amaze me how many of you push through to reach that new level and find a new PR or complete that "First".   It has been a lot of fun witnessing these milestones and accomplishments and I hope we just see more as we go!

Week 3 Awards & Rankings

Team Spirit Award:  Blood Sweat N beers
Ind. Spirit Award :  Rhonda Fintelman
MVP Award:  Dale Brock - This was a close one, with Mysty (technically not allowed the fri night MVP- but so deserving) Michelle S and Lindsay B all tied for 2nd place- however they are all on RED team so WOOT WOOT 

Top times
RX – Women
1. Carla
2. Paige
3. Marianne
RX – Men
1. Brandon
2. Kyle
3. Allen/Dale tied
Scaled – Women
1. Lauren
2. Lindsay B
3. Michelle Jatagandzidis
 Scaled – Men
1. Matt Jones
2. Dave Jones
3. Mike Rotondi
Blue Steel - 210
Blood, Sweat & Beers - 186
Raisin Hell - 163
Green & Jerk - 151