Intramurals Standings

How about 17.1?! It brought us a deadly combination of dumbell snatches and box jumps. This was a great workout that was scalable for a large part of the gym and a great introduction into the Open for all our newcomers and vets alike.

Turnout for Friday Night Lights was amazing, it is always overwhelming to see the passion and dedication our community has for one another during this time of year! Thanks to everyone that brought something to eat or drink as well as all who helped judge and clean up. 

Now, for the fun part...the standings. We break down the points based on a few variables.

  • Games Site registration - 3 points 
  • Leaderboard - Top 3= 1 points 
  • WOD Participation - 1 point, bonus point for Friday night 
  • Spirit/MVP - 3 points


Team Spirit Award :  Blood Sweat & Beers (RED)
Ind. Spirit Award: Johnny Bowmeister (BLUE)
MVP Award:  Mike Rapson (BLUE) a.k.a "Big guy Big beard Backwards Hat jumping over his box in last minute"

Top times
RX - Women
Sue 15:15
Marianne 15:21
Carla 16:07

RX - Men
Kyle 15:16
Dale 15:55
Bryan 16:51

Scaled - Women
Sandy C 14:23
Suzanne 15:38
Tammy 15:51

Scaled - Men
Aidan 17:29
Cam 17:54
Terry 18:03


  1. Blue Steel - 110
  2. Blood, Sweat & Beers - 94
  3. Raisin Hell - 80
  4. Green & Jerk - 76