DAN LEWIS | Team Purple Captain Profile

As we countdown the days to the 2017 Open, we will be profiling one of our team captains each day leading up to the first Friday Night Lights WOD. Tonight we will be streaming the Open Announcement live from the GYM at 8 pm.  Come by to watch it broadcast along with some fellow members.   There are always some great tips and advice to be had afterwards.  You might even get to witness some members attempt it firsthand.  Any takers?

Who is the person you always look to find their score on the board and why?
That's easy Dale, Pete or Allan

What movements are your strengths?
I'm good with body weight movement. Love pull ups, toe to bars, burpees anything pretty much without a bar!

How many opens have you done and why do you personally do them?
I have only done 1 open before. I personally love the intensity that the open brings and crux community really comes together. 

What was your most memorable open workout and why?
15.5 by far the most memorable moment in open history for me. Because I have never hated something so much. To this day the worst wod I have ever done.

Why do you enjoy the Friday night lights atmosphere?
I love the energy the Friday night lights bring. We are a pretty competitive gym so you can always expect to see some amazing times and PR's getting done.

What made you want to be a captain?
I love the crux family so why not be a captain. I also want my name and team on the wall!

What can first time openers expect?
Get ready to push yourself and have fun!

What is your goal for this year's open?
My goal for this year open is to do all the Open workouts RX

What team do you think is the one to beat and why?
I don't think any team stands a chance because have you seen my squad of beauties....but if I had to pick it would be Mysty's because most of the time I'm scared of her. She still crushes Rx and she's pregnant