RACHEL FAY | Team Green Captain Profile

As we countdown the days to the 2017 Open, we will be profiling one of our team captains each day leading up to the first Friday Night Lights WOD.

Who is the person you always look to find their score on the board and why?
Sue. She is super strong and been crushing workouts even though she took a mini break from Crossfit..good thing I have her on my team! 

What movements are your strengths?
Double unders and burpees. I'm close to the ground so don't have far to travel! 

How many opens have you done and why do you personally do them?
This will be my 3rd Open. I do them to test myself to see how I have progressed (or regressed), where my weaknesses are and what has improved. Be it my mentality in wods, strength or speed.

What was your most memorable open workout and why?
I will never forget 15.5  (27-21-15-9 cal row+ 65# thrusters) It was the final wod of my first year doing the Open and it was my very first RX workout. I remember my family cheering me on, the coaches by my side, and the awful lactic buildup in my legs is one I cannot forget no matter how hard I try

Why do you enjoy the Friday night lights atmosphere?
The energy that the community of Crux creates is like nothing I have ever felt. It is so supportive, no matter if you are scaled or RX or somewhere in between. Even if you feel you failed or didn't do so great, there is always someone to lift up your spirits and help you realize what you  just accomplished. 

What made you want to be a captain?
I wanted to be a Captain to help the Open newbies feel supported and encouraged in this new, unchartered territory. I remember my first open (where I was also Captain) and just didn't know what to expect. And that' one of the great thing sabout Crossfit is getting comfortable with the uncomfortable and being ready to face the unexpected. It can be a very daunting thing and most people, think they "aren't ready". I felt that way too. But how will you know for sure if you don't at least try? 

What can first time openers expect?
First timers can expect a high energy night with a wide range of emotions. It starts with the nerves and feeling like you have to pee every 5seconds. Then you watch other people do the wod and think maybe there's time to leave..no one will notice right? Wrong. Then you feel empowered by the people who have wodded before you and you somehow manage to crush the wod. Now you feel amazing, confident, accomplished but also like you want to die. You feel the need to pass on the support you received so you cheer on people you know and people you don't. You leave with your belly full of delicious food, a smile on your face and the familiar feeling of dread for the next week's workout. ...but it's fun I promise! 

What is your goal for this year's open?
I hope this year's open will give a little extra nudge to the Sweat Angels and MetCon goers to push themselves just a little harder to do things they didn't dream possible and carry that success into their workouts post-open. My personal goals are to do chest-to-bar in a wod, do most if not all wods RX..which I guess means using a wood box for box jumps...
What team do you think is the one to beat and why?
The team to beat is Green & Jerk...duh! Not only because they have Mighty Mouse as Captain but because the team is full of individuals who give it their all each and every time they are in the gym. They are tremendously supportive and positive and bring their own strengths to the team. Green is the colour of envy and everyone will be envious of our spirit and us winning this year.