MYSTY RENNETTE | Team Red Captain Profile

As we countdown the days to the 2017 Open, we will be profiling one of our team captains each day leading up to the first Friday Night Lights WOD.

Who is the person you always look to find their score on the board and why?
I would have to say my girl Nicole - she really inspires me to be my best self in the gym. We are comparable in our abilities and I like to get a gauge for how she did and also recognize her of her PR's or killer times. Crossfit has always been about health and fitness for me and as much as I LOVE the whiteboard and sugarwod, I try to not get too caught up in the competitiveness that can come with it.

What movements are your strengths?
Oh, I don't know, I feel like I am always working on something but my fav movements are squat cleans, HSPU's, Front squats, pull-up (pre-pregnancy) & T2B (however, they are a love hate relationship - but isn't that truth with most things that happen in the box)!

How many opens have you done and why do you personally do them?
This will be my 4th open intramural experience & 3rd time signing up for the Open on line. 
I love the community aspect of the gym, and the energy that the Open brings to the gym for the 5 weeks. You push yourself in ways, you never thought were possible and accomplish things that maybe you once couldn't.  I also love to see my progress year over year. However, this Open I will be 32-37 weeks pregnant and for me, it is about being part of something bigger with my gym - it really is for everyone at all fitness levels - nothing bad ever comes from pushing your outside your comfort zone and you just might surprise yourself!

What was your most memorable open workout and why?
Easily 15.4 it was my first year doing the Online Open and it consistent of 8-min. AMRAP of ascending ladder of HSPU and Cleans @125#.  I had never done either - I was working on HSPU but had always used an ab mat and just the day prior was shown how to kip them (thank you Paige & Steve). I went to the noon class as I was so nervous to try during the Friday Night Lights and Brandon was the coach and really helped get me through this workout - along with Cindy and Andrea. My first 125# clean was so ugly but I got better as I went as well as got through a couple rounds of HSPU's.  It was an amazing feeling to accomplish something that a year ago, I would have never thought possible - that is what the Open, great coaches who inspire and push you and the our gym can do for your fitness level and confidence. 

Why do you enjoy the Friday night lights atmosphere?
I have to say, I didn't always like to workout during the Friday night lights, it would give me anxiety but I still showed up every Friday weather I worked out or not and cheered on my fellow cruxters! However, actually completing the workout on Friday nights, brought a new intensity and support to the WOD's and I found myself able to accomplish more than when I did them during other times.   I feel fortunate to be part of the year over year and look forward to celebrating peoples accomplishments!

What made you want to be a captain?
This is my second year - last year was a lot of fun! It is nice to get to connect with people that you may not always have the opportunity to, due to scheduling etc. 

What can first time openers expect?
we have all been there, I did my first open 6 weeks after I first stared with a new baby who was only weeks old. Whatever you are feeling, anxiety, nerves, I haven't been going long enough etc. STOP IT and just DO IT! You won't regret it! The Open is not just for the top athletes in our gym, it is for everyone, all fitness levels - the best thing you can do is participate, have fun and surprise yourself!

What is your goal for this year's open?
To get through it lol! I will be VERY pregnant but oddly enough I am still looking forward to it and using myself where I can. It will look much different for me this year as I will have to do many workouts scaled but I am okay with that, I would rather do it on some level then not at all. 

What team do you think is the one to beat and why?
Of course my team the RED team! We have a lot of  fun people - however, the BLUE team I can see is highly competitive with a lot of top athletes so we will just have to put them in their place :) Watch out Blue, we are coming for you!