KRIS KOBOLD | Team Blue Captain Profile

As we countdown the days to the 2017 Open, we will be profiling one of our team captains each day leading up to the first Friday Night Lights WOD. First up, a member of the early morning crew and captain of Team Blue, Kris.

Who is the person you always look to find their score on the board and why?
As an 0600 CrossFitter, there isn't anyone on the board yet! That said, I think we early birds know we set the bar for the day, so that pushes us to dig a little deeper (I does for me, at least).

What movements are your strengths?
The clean, strict press, HSPUs, Turkish get-ups, box-jumps.

How many opens have you done and why do you personally do them?
2017 is my third CrossFit Open. I participate mostly for the fun of it. The Friday-night WODs are a blast, and I like the friendly competition at the Intramurals. (Plus, I don't mind chirping some of the other team captains...)

What was your most memorable open workout and why?
15.3  -- no question. The WOD started with 7 muscle-ups which you must complete before moving on to 50 wall balls, then 100 double-unders as a 14-minute AMRAP. I had never managed a MUP before, so I figured I had 14 minutes to try to get at least one. I struggled at a few attempts, and then it "clicked" -- and I knew I could repeat it. The best part? Allen got it on video for me.

Why do you enjoy the Friday night lights atmosphere?
See 3, but I also like encouraging my teammates to dig deep.

What made you want to be a captain?

What can first time openers expect?
A good time: hard work, communal suffering, encouragement, congratulations, and a cold beer (or something similar) with your name on it when time's up and the WOD is over.

What is your goal for this year's open?
Nothing short leading Blue Steel to glorious victory as we crush our enemies, see them driven before us, and hear the lamentations of their loved ones and teammates.

What team do you think is the one to beat and why?
Blue Steel is the one to beat. No question. Everyone says so. Last week I overheard Mysty, Red's captain, talking about how was she's really nervous for her team, once she saw our lineup. Rachel, Green's captain, asked me whether it would be okay to e-mail transfer me some money so that maybe -- just maybe -- we'd let someone from her team win a heat or two sometime. And last week after Mass Class, I saw Dan, Team Purple's captain huddled in the corner by the wall balls, whimpering and hugging his knees, after I told him I wouldn't left him defect to our team and abandoned his (doomed) teammates! So, yeah. You better bring it, if you wanna beat Blue.