Member of the Month | Dan Lewis

"I've had the pleasure to get to know Dan over the last few years as a coach, and I can honestly say since day 1 he has been a hit!  TANK TOP DAN! (Is usually what I yell out as soon as he walks into the gym).

His presence in class is incredible; he brings so much joyful energy and positive vibes to everyone he comes into contact with.  He eagerly encourages everyone who may be still working away at the workout, counting reps and cheering them on! I love having him in my class as I know it will be a great environment to not only workout in, but also to coach in. I feed off his energy and we get some good tunes on and have a blast. 

I also remember when he was first starting, he struggled with double unders... A lot.. I'd catch him in the front room hours later still practicing with the odd swear word thrown in there when he tripped up. Fast forward to today and he is crushing them! He has improved so much as an athlete, but more importantly he's a great dude! "

-Coach Brandon

What brought you to CrossFit? 
I have always loved being physically fit. I played sports, tried new fads like Tough Mudder and went to your typical gym 5 times a week. I did my Daily routines -Monday chest and triceps, run for 15 minutes on the treadmill (which I hated) then left, same machines, same basic isolation movements, same routine different days. 

When I was in college, a local box was offering a monthly special. I watched a couple you Youtubes videos and did some online research and thought this looks like a ton of fun and everyone looks jacked(so it must be easy). So I gave it a try and the rest is history! I love that each day the workout will most likely leave you on the ground in your own sweat and you come back for more.
What was your first impression? Has it changed?
I remember my first few weeks, I told myself it will get better, the WODS will be easier, you won’t always be sore. 

Now I know, it doesn’t get easier you just get faster, the WODS never seem to be easier (Thanks Sean).It all comes down to you, when you’re about to hit a big lift or chase that crazy time set by earlier classes from Dale or Allan. In the end when the clock counts down 3. 2. 1- you are competing against you. Crossfit is pure mental toughness, I love that about it-Crossfit humbles you real quick. 
What’s your proudest moment at Crux?
I think the proudest moment wasn’t at Crux but was because of Crux. I was so proud to be a member at Crux watching Brandon compete in the crossfit game. I remember STANDING on my feet yelling at my TV when they were pushing the sled across and placing second in there heat. That was a proud moment seeing our own coach killing it!
What are you working on now?
 That’s easy, getting stronger.

I want to work on form and mobility with my Olympic lifting so I can hit some great numbers come summer time. I love wods with pulls up, rowing or running but cringe when I see front rack lunges or heavy squat cleans. I am constantly striving to be a better athlete and not get out squatted by Lauren kidding…..but not she’s an amazing weight lifter.
What‘s your favorite thing about or memory at Crux?
MUSCLE UPs and getting to teach classes!!
What motivates you?
I want to look like Khan Porter, but seriously- I truly believe that Crossfit prepares you for life physically and mentally. I have never felt as good or as fit since starting CrossFit- that’s what motivates me to go.
Advice to someone getting started?
 Just take the first step through the door! Everyone has to start somewhere and ANYONE can become fit, you get out what you put in.  You can expect to be challenged but don’t worry everything is scalable to your level. You’ll do movements you’ve never heard of but the coaches are supportive and the environment is friendly and the community is like family.
Noticed you are starting to shadow some coaches, what made you interested in coaching and how are you finding the experience thus far?
I have always wanted to coach, when you believe in something you want to talk about it and teach it. This is a starting point to a lifetime of education for me. I love helping people achieve their goals, and everyday in crossfit there is always a new mountain to climb. If I can convince my mom and girlfriend to join crossfit, anything is possible! Thanks to both of them for pushing me to finally attend the level 1 course, and all of the support from the crux family!