New Strength Cycle

Another cycle has wrapped up and we will move into a new strength cycle at CrossFit Crux on January 2nd. A lot of thought goes into how we program our workouts. Our number one priority is to help you, our members, measurably improve your fitness levels. We also want to make the workouts challenging and fun while keeping everyone safe and injury free. So without further ado...

Fitness - Front/Zombie Squat to a box
Performance - Box Squat

Oly day - will alternate between Snatches and Cleans with options for working on technique or working on cycling reps to prepare for open

Overhead strength and stability - Press, S2O, Overhead squat

Touch and Go Deadlifts

WOD priority + accessory work.  Day will start with a Wod and then finish with gymnastic or core accessory work OR another wod.