The HOLIDAY HANGOVER Nutrition Challenge

Do the holidays get you down (or should we say up on the scale)?  We know everyone has a little bit of extra cheer over the xmas and new year holidays.  But we have you covered!  Crux will help get your healthy eating and habits back on track with our Holiday Hangover 28 Day Nutrition Challenge this New Year.

This 28-Day challenge is designed for results! It will run from January 8th-February 4th, 2018. (with weigh-ins & measurements taken Jan 4th)

It will provide you with guidelines to follow and weekly challenges to keep you accountable to yourself and fellow, like-minded Crux friends. Let’s set the bar high for 2018 and be prepared to cut the post-holiday trimmings! 

Cost is $55.00 Payment not required until after the holidays.