Steps to Toes 2 Bar: The Tuck, Pull & Scoop

This article was written by Lindsey Johnson and originally appeared on


The biggest mistake people make when performing this movement is thinking that they can just let their legs fall from the bar. Once your toes have touched at the top, you’ve got to actively bring your legs toward your chest, pull them down and then kick back with your heels.

As you move into the next rep, think about kicking your feet forward, tucking your knees towards your chest and kicking towards the bar, then actively pulling your toes away from bar and down.

If you’re having trouble with this progression, resort back to the banded drill (bow/hollow body with band) and practice pulling the band back. This should give you a feeling of restriction on the band and hopefully provide an understanding of how much you need to actively pull your legs down.

One of the more challenging parts of the toes to bar movement is connecting them and finding a rhythm. Just like double- unders and pull-ups, it doesn’t happen right away. Keep practicing and you’ll get there.