New Strength Cycle

We are starting a new seven week cycle on Nov 6.  Performance athletes will get the chance to work on all 3 Oly lifts (as we head towards the Dec lift off).  Fitness athletes will be working the big compound lifts (squat 2x week, deadlift 1x).  Everyone will get a chance to work on their Jerk technique and upper body gymnastic strength (dips, pull ups, push ups etc)

Performance - Front Squat from the floor - This will help build your clean and at the end of the cycle we will test your 1RM clean
Fitness - Front Squat from the rack - working on volume today.  We will do 5 sets of 5 reps at a heavy weight for you adding weight each week.  In between sets there will be an accessory movement.

Tuesday - Jerk
Technique and strength work

Performance - Snatch EMOM
Fitness - Deadlift EMOM

Thursday - Squat
Each week we will work towards a heavy AMRAP set, increasing in % of 1rm as we go.  Format will be based off of Wendler 5-3-1 .

Friday - Upper body focused EMOM/volume training
Trying to increase upper body pushing and pulling strength.  Some will be working towards that first pullup or dip, others that first muscle up.  anyone that has mups already will be given a chance to add weight to the movements to help them to keep getting stronger.