24 Members Shred 145 LBS in 21 Days...Are You In?

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We wanted to kick off the NEW Nutrition Programs at Crux by starting with a 21 day group challenge. We had lots of members interested in losing fat, but of course, not muscle! So Coach Rhonda came up with a plan to help achieve some of those goals in a group-support effort. The results were astounding!

Out of the 24 people who completed the challenge 144.8 pounds were shed! (an average of just over 6 pounds in only 21 days!) and a total of 173 inches body composition combined within the group! (that’s 14’ of more gym space now! ) 

Please congratulate our 1st place winner IAN WATTS, 2nd place winner TERESA MARTIN and 3rd place winner NATALIE WOOD.
Now that we are in the right nutrition mindset, and know that results are well within our reach no matter what size and shape; we want to introduce you to what could be your next step in ensuring you never diet again!

The programs now offered at Crossfit Crux are very different than the group challenge! They are designed to help you learn-as-you-go. They are tailored to you specifically, and not to a large group. Weekly homework and daily accountability are a big part of what makes these programs unique. Eating habits are identified and new habits are implemented as we go through the journey together. 

Because the program is tailored specifically to your likes - they can easily become staples in your lifestyle. These programs teach you many key factors to help with your long-term success, without being overwhelmed all at once. Each week you are introduced to tips and tricks to overcoming some of your biggest hurdles. Goals are set and met with daily accountability, 8:30am-8:30pm guidance via email Monday-Friday to assist you as you go through your lifestyle-changing journey. 

Learn how to set proper meal plans based on your needs and likes. Learn how to make this work and never gain weight back again. There is no counting macros or calories. I will help determine what works best for your body type and make changes as we go to get the results you want.

I am proud of these programs and would love to share my tools with you. 

At Crux, we know everyone has different needs and goals.  This is why we have created unique nutrition packages tailored to the individual.  We help you understand the basics of nutrition and give you the tools necessary to create new habits:  Structure, Support, and Accountability.  If you want to start building a good foundation, check out the Nutrition accountability packages now being offered at Crux.  

Here are what some of the Challengers thought of the first NEW Nutrition Challenge at Crossfit Crux.

I was able to lose 10 pounds in 21 days while also hitting 4 PR’s! Normally when I have tried to do my own diet program I lose strength and feel tired all day. While on Rhonda’s plan I felt strong, full of energy and very alert at work. Rhonda’s program is really different! With the deep understanding of micronutrients and what it takes to maintain muscle while losing fat really had an impact on me.

Rhonda's program was exactly the change I needed to get results. Rhonda didn't restrict my eating habits but showed me how to eat properly and introduced the right foods into my diet with simple changes. Doing the challenge for 21 days truly trained my brain to re-think the way I ate. 

Rhonda made it so simple, super helpful and always on hand when you needed a question answered. Her program allowed me to get better in tune with my body, mindful of what I should and should not be eating and the best part I never went hungry and still lost weight/inches! 

I wasn't looking to lose weight, but I was seeking some better nutrition habits -- ones that would complement and support my fitness objectives and CrossFit goals. Rhonda's 21-day nutrition challenge was simple to learn, easy to follow, and produced results. I lost 8 lb. in 21 days. Definitely a positive experience.