Why should I track my workouts?

Have you ever come into the gym and look on the whiteboard to see the Skill/Strength is Cleans 5-5-5-5-5, and then you ask yourself “I don’t know what weight can clean 5 times.”  Tracking your workouts and progress will help you determine what weight you have done in the past and help you figure out what to do in the future. It also helps our coaches to know where to start you on your weight for the skill and WOD. Tracking workouts will help you determine whether or not you are improving.  Sometimes you don’t realize just how far you have come in your fitness progress until you look back and see where you were.  Seeing progress is motivation to keep going!

At CrossFit Crux, we encourage all of our athletes to use SugarWOD in order to track their day to day WOD results, progress, and strength percentages. This is a free service we offer to our athletes so they can get an accurate picture of how their fitness is improving, where their weaknesses may lie, and how CrossFit is contributing to their health, wellness, and longevity.

We have recently noticed a decrease in the amount of people using the service so we will be monitoring users over the next month and removing anyone who is no longer active. It is our goal that everyone tracks their workouts to monitor their own progression and we see this as the best possible to tool to do so.

SugarWOD also adds to our community by allowing each and every one of our coaches and athletes to communicate, and congratulate each other, (aka “The Fist Bump” ;) regardless of their class time.

If you haven't installed SugarWOD, we have the complete guide here. If you are tempted to avoid workouts by knowing what is in store before you arrive (AKA cherry picking), you can simply turn off the notifications in the settings of the app.