We Say Goodbye to Sarah Elaguppillai

Today we say goodbye to Sara Elaguppillai, a dedicated athlete and a wonderful friend to everyone at Crux, as she prepares to move start a new chapter in her life. Anybody who has met Sara will know the positive effect that she has on everyone around her. From an athletic perspective her strength and determination is inspires both new members and old while her personality makes it a joy to work out next to. 

"So I guess it was early 2015 I convinced her to try crossfit and she instantly was hooked. I think she took to it so easily because she was a gymnast all her life ( represented Canada at world competitions multiple times!) and since trampoline had ended she was missing something. Crossfit seemed to reignite that athletic spark in her. Naturally she was drawn to and quickly excelled at the gymnastics elements. She loved seeing box jumps in the programming, was cranking out strict HSPU/T2B/pullups in WODs almost immediately and will crush handstand walk routines any chance she gets. Sara has put a lot of time and focus towards getting stronger at the power lifts and oly lifts too! She is a wonderful friend, a true competitor, is never afraid to tell it like it is or give you the extra push you need. We'll definitely miss having her around the gym." - Coach Marianne

My Fav WOD?
MURPH! I tackled this WOD for the first time a couple of months ago. Nicole and I were side by side and we just kept pushing each other through the rounds. I was exhausted, I felt sick and I wanted to quit a million and one times. But there is something different about doing a WOD in memory of someone. It lights a different kind of fire within you. You push yourself a little harder, you hang in there for a little bit longer because you know the "fight" is nothing compared to the one Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy fought. I love this WOD because it challenges you physically and mentally!
What will I miss most about CRUX?
 EVERYTHING! EVERYONE! I can honestly say one of the hardest things about moving out of Stouffville was coming to terms with leaving CRUX. I know that sounds totally crazy but it's the truth. I'm so lucky that my crossfit journey started at such an amazing box with a group of people who are so supportive and so encouraging. I will be forever grateful for the people I have met and the friendships I have made. A huge shout out to Sean and Cindy for bringing together such a KICK ASS group of people.
Words of Wisdom?
 "Strength doesn't come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't."