Nolan Blasko | Member of the Month

Nolan is one of the most dedicated and hard working athletes in the gym.  It is not unlikely to see Nolan sometimes twice a day in the gym working on his weaknesses. (which I might add are getting smaller by the minute!)

Nolan recently got his first Muscle Up !  Well done!!  Keep up the good work.

We caught up with this month's member of the month and asked him a few questions.


1. What brought you to CrossFit Crux
I first heard about Crossfit from my dad last June . My dad and I are very competitive with each other, so when he asked me to do the on ramp with him I told myself If my dad can do it I can. It started with a couple on ramp classes with Mary Beth and Brandon that left us both breathless. After a month of classes I got hooked on Crossfit and started enjoying the hard work and sense of accomplishment that comes with each class. 
2. What is your fave movement/exercise?
Having joined Crossfit for just over a year there are still a lot of movements I wanna be able to do. However Narrowing it down my favourite would have to be a tie between power cleans and using the assault bike. I would love to learn how to handstand walk but that's for another day. 
3. What’s your proudest moment at Crux?
My proudest moment would probably be my atrocious Murph time. Completing it in 85 minutes RX for the first time was rewarding as well as embarrassing. It stands out over other PRs for the mental grind it took to get through it. People set new PRs all the time and their lifts can be outdone in the weeks following making for short lived accomplishments. But having to grind yourself mentally and push past your breaking point goes a long way. That sense of accomplishment means more to me than a lift pr. 
4. What is your favourite memory at Crux?
There are so many memories I could use from doing the open 16.5 burpee and thruster workout head to head against Kaelan to the rowing competition final side by side with Gavin and Ryan or having finished faster than Allen in a WOD. All of the memories come from being with the people from crux and that competitiveness and support from others is what makes some days more memorable than others. 
Crux has been a positive experience for me and will continue to be big part of my life moving forward as a 20 year old. I have so much to learn moving forward and welcome any advice anyone has to give. My favourite part about going to crux is being able to compete head to head with friends like Dale, Pete, Bryan, Nicole, Mysty, Denver... and the list goes on. I really enjoy the competitive side Crossfit has to offer and the community our gym has built. 
I'd like to finish off by thanking our great coaches Marianne, Brandon, Carla, Rhonda, Mandy, Allen, Sean, Cindy, Steve and would like to thank all of them for their hard work they've put in and their advice they've given me to put me where I am at. 
Finally I'm always looking to get to know people so if you ever see me in the gym don't hesitate to say hello!