VIDEO | Midline Stability

Let's break down something you are all very familiar with and hear us coaches talking about in every session – midline stabilization. While it is something that most people are aware of, it is surprising how difficult and easy it is to get wrong. So here is a brief run down that will hopefully get us into better shape.

Greg Glassman (Crossfit Founder and CEO), was quoted saying “We don’t do abs, we do midline stabilization.” Why? Because ‘midline’ does not just include your abdominal's. In reality, core strength means spinal stability which involves more than just your spine.

Midline stability relies not only on your core musculature but on your body’s prime movers too. These include the muscles in your hips, glutes, hamstrings and spinal erectors. Midline stability refers to the capacity to maintain neutral spine under load through full range of motion. It takes a lot of awareness and control but also mobility to maintain a stable midline throughout range of motion. But once utilized, with good understanding and awareness – an athlete's power, performance and safety can be considerable increased.