Couch to CrossFit / New You - Members of the Month!

We recently finished up a Couch to CrossFit and New You challenge in the gym this spring.  2 new programs that taught new members the foundations of CrossFit along with some proper nutrition,  among a group of their peers cheering them on inside and out of the gym. This motivating group was truly amazing and we want you to meet the graduates.  These ladies were such an amazing group to work with, always happy to be in class and eager to learn new things.  I think they may have even started to like doing burpees.......just sayin'  

We saw their dedication in many ways, from attending class three times a week (even during those late night workouts) to the weekend group walks in the forest, to even further pushing with those away workouts in Paris, Texas and Florida when they just couldn't be at the gym.  Their commitment to the program was evident in everything they did in those 6 weeks and the results certainly paid off. Not only did this group lose over 51 pounds and 31 inches together, but they gained self-confidence, a positive outlook on exercise and how it affects their body, mind and soul.  Most of all these ladies made some lasting friendships.  You are all wonderful role models for your children, other members of the Crux family and to those who need that little push to get started! That is what makes all of you our JUNE Members of the Month!

Check out what some of the members had to say about their success and our program below!

                                                                        Beatrice, Sue, Maria, Kim, Gabby, Lynne   (not present- Leslie, natalie, tammy, krIstal)

                                                                        Beatrice, Sue, Maria, Kim, Gabby, Lynne   (not present- Leslie, natalie, tammy, krIstal)

“Well what can I say about CrossFit Crux – first and foremost all of the instructors are amazing! I will say at first I was intimidated when I came in… seeing all the “fit, toned” bodies I immediately thought, “I can’t do this”.  Surprise, surprise, here we are and I did it!!  At CrossFit Crux I found a complete support system of wonderful people; from the instructors to the ladies in my group, to the people who were just ending their class and leaving as we started ours, “Have a great workout!” as they walked past,  beads of sweat on their foreheads --- all because I stepped out of my comfort zone and opened myself up to a new experience. Most of my life (probably early teenage years) I’ve obsessed about the number on the scale, but, I now realize that it’s just that, it’s just a number.  CrossFit Crux has taught me to stop worrying about the scale and helped me to focus on building lean muscle mass, burning fat and trimming down my waistline.  I’m walking taller and feeling great!  Yes I’ve had some setbacks, and there will be obstacles, but that’s ok, with hard work there will be success.   The group leaders have always been so accommodating and helped with modifications which truly means a lot to me.  I owe a lot to Lynne for getting me there – I’m so happy she did! I will definitely continue what I have started, this is not the end by any means…. I know I need to move more, I see the results what happens when I do--no more making excuses, this time it’s about making results! “ - Gabby

What brought you to CrossFit Crux or why did you sign up for this program?

“I went in to pay for Nicole’s sessions one day and began speaking to Alison about the options your gym provided. Fast forward to January when you emailed about a new program called “Couch to CrossFit”.   I spoke to a few ladies who had done Sweat Angels with me, but were no longer attending, and got them to come with me.  A four week class, once a week, was not a huge commitment, so they joined with me.  I even got a few other women to sign up as well.  The slow pace, yet hard work, I think is what got us hooked. Each day we would look at the workout to come and think “no way” but, we did it every time – and felt fabulous when we were done!  When the four weeks ended, we couldn’t wait for the next session.” – Lynne

“I really needed a kick start!  I've gained a lot of weight in the last two years and it's really had an impact on how I've been feeling physically and emotionally.  Although I have been working out on and off, I needed something different and I remembered how good I felt when I did CrossFit a few years ago and when I was following a Paleo way of eating.” – Maria

“As a group (the 3 of us) wanted to do something to get in shape & be healthy. We decided to try some classes loved it and then you created two programs we were part of and got addicted. I can't tell you how much I miss going to classes (although I die during them) but feel GREAT after. I can't wait to come back & continue.” - Beatrice

What did you like most about the program?

“The best thing about the New You Challenge was the fact that the workouts were held three times a week.  I believe that is the optimal frequency of workouts to make a difference in physical fitness.  It made me experience what hard work and commitment feels like.  Combined with “Paleo eating”, I was able to realize a huge difference in my appearance (loss of 15 pounds) and the overall feeling of well-being;  sleeping better, more energy and simple happiness.  Another element to my success with this program was the continued support, encouragement and fun with the friends who did this with me.  I’m not sure where I would be now without having had their comradery.  Having said that, I also realize that you cannot always be fortunate enough to have friends help you through things.  This is where the instructors, and fellow CrossFit members step in.  Having varied, knowledgeable, kind and committed instructors has blown me away.  They all seem truly happy for each person’s successes.  I believe this will be the element of attending CrossFit that will keep me going for months (and hopefully years) to come!   I honestly can’t say enough kind things about your instructors at Crux.  They are amazing, and all of your members are so fortunate to have them!” – Lynne

“Everyone in the group and the instructors were really supportive.  It was what I needed to get me re-motivated and on the right path to a healthier me!” - Maria

“I really enjoyed how every class we were taught how to do the exercise correctly & how the trainers were so attentive in ensuring we were. I love how everyone looks out for each other & everyone at the gym is kind & friendly & most of all non judgmental. So if I can't so many reps one day or just can't do an exercise for any reason something is done so we can do something instead of just standing there.  - Beatrice

How has this program changed your fitness/lifestyle/mindset?

“I am afraid to claim this program has changed my fitness/lifestyle/mindset just yet.  Right now, I feel like a different person, with ambitions to change my lifestyle and fitness level.  I am afraid of falling back into old ways, or not-so-successful behaviors.  Being introduced to barbell work has intrigued me the greatest.  I had never lifted weights in my life, and never wanted to.  Having been introduced to weight-lifting in the program, I find that I love it!  I can feel muscles I never knew I had.  My goal is to attend CrossFit three times a week, but I want to work out in some fashion six out of seven days!  I used to do it!  My ultimate goal is to stop smoking so I am hoping frequent cardio work will get me there!” – Lynne

“It was the kick start I needed.  The program was a good reminder of how good I can feel when changing my eating habits and getting into a regular workout routine that pushes me beyond what I would do on my own or at a regular gym.  I'm already seeing results which is helping and it made me want more so I'm already continuing and planning my own little six week challenge.  We ended on Saturday, it's now Tuesday and I've already been to two regular CrossFit classes... that says something.” - Maria

“It's changed my mindset as I look forward to my class and working hard as I'm doing things that I never thought I could, plus I am seeing results. I'm not quite there on full Paleo but need to try harder to embrace how great it can be. I truly believe I saw results because of all these changes. I want to be able to continue all this with the support of the CrossFit community.” - Beatrice

Would you recommend this challenge to anyone?

“I would (and already have, to all who will listen) recommend this program to anyone.  If I can do it, and feel this great, I know that many others would enjoy and benefit from this program – and the lifestyle that it leads to!  The CrossFit Crux community is awesome.  I hope every member realizes how empowering their welcoming comments or gestures are to new members.  They help to inspire people in life-changing ways!  How awesome is that?” - Lynne

“Absolutely!!  It's a great challenge for any skill level and regardless of what your wellness and fitness goals are.” – Maria

“I would definitely recommend this challenge to anyone as well as couch to CrossFit as that's where it all started for me & my addiction to this place.  Looking forward to continuing with my new path in my life re health & wellness. Thanks Cindy to you & above all to Marianne, Mandy, Carla & Brandon for believing & being the best support & trainers I have every met!! See u soon.” - Beatrice

Our Next Program starts in July.