June Challenge | Get After Some Push ups

For the month of June we are challenging you to get after some push ups! These are Perfect push ups for form, not for max reps.   

Athletes MUST first find their height for the push ups .  See below :

To receive a STAR for the day you must complete the following:
Can be completed as many days as you like.  (I may suggest every other day so you don't spoil your training)

  • 3 sets of Max Push ups (not included in a wod) 
  • Min is 10 reps per set (as we established the perfect 10 rep max already you should be able to maintain at least this with adequate rest for each set) 

You may spread these out within the day.

The Correct Height
We want everyone to find the correct height for push ups in order to achieve a perfect set of 10. This means your chest touches the floor (box, bar) every time, maintaining a neutral spine, (head, shoulder and hips in line) and all moving up and down at same time.  Avoid the worm, dropping to knees or leaving the hips behind. 

Some people need to raise their hands onto a box, bench, barbell in the rack.  Whatever is going to get you in the perfect position.  Please have a look through all videos below for your perfect push up tutorial

 If you have any questions, please come chat to one of our coaches.