Why you ask?

Why do you only want us to run short distances and rest between sets for the May Challenge?

The short answer:  Because Sean said so !!  lol   Intensity is where the good shit happens! Better yet, make those run intervals limited to 1 min of work....Don't believe me ..READ this article that claims 1 min of all out exercise may =  45 min of moderate exercise.  

The Long answer: Aerobic vs Anaerobic training/Volume vs Intensity, however you want to dice it....it all reads the same.


I wont rewrite what every one else already has already done, so here is a great post I found from a CrossFit for Glory in Fl.  He writes ....In the context of CrossFit, we use the term metabolic conditioning, or ‘met-con’ for short. Same concept, different terms. Met-cons are what we do after our skill work.

For the sake of simplicity, your body has three main ways from which to derive energy:

1. Phosphahen pathway – lasting a relatively short time, about 25 seconds, this powers you when you’re working at 95-100% intensity; think 150m sprints

2. Glycolytic pathway – lasting 2-3 minute mark, this powers efforts in the 80-90% range; think 400m runs

3. Oxidative pathway – this lasts a very long time and takes over once we pass the 3-minute mark, but the intensity is very low, in the 60-75% range; think 800m runs and beyond

The first two pathways are commonly referred to as “anaerobic” training, meaning they don’t require oxygen. The last pathway is entirely oxygen dependent to produce energy.

The reason I bring this up is to illustrate that we train all three pathways…all the time.  So next time think about it before you say “man, I just really need some more cardio work to get better during the WOD,”  Your trainers will thank you!


Research into the effects of aerobic vs anaerobic training are quite impressive. Here are some highlights:

1. Aerobic training, what most people think of when they say “cardio”, only develops low-level power output, sacrificing strength, power, and speed 

2. Aerobic training burns muscle, it does NOT build it

3. Anaerobic training produces high power output to improve speed, power and strength

4. Anaerobic training builds muscle

5. Both burn fat, but anaerobic burns it much faster and more efficiently

6. Anaerobic training builds AEROBIC capacity

Anaerobic training improves your aerobic capacity. This can be seen almost daily in your WODs.  If you refer back to the “Scaling of CrossFit WODs” post, you’ll find that each WOD has a specific goal. What I kept in hiding is that within each round of a WOD, there is a set time range that people should be able to maintain, an ‘interval’ if you will. The work part is where you develop your anaerobic, or power, capacity. When you are resting, like during a 1:1 interval WOD, the aerobic system takes over to help you recover and provide you energy to keep going. This is why it’s so vitally important to scale a workout correctly…the quick, highly intense WODs like Fran are designed to max you out on the anaerobic side. The longer 8-12 minute WODs develop the whole spectrum.

So there you have it...WHY!!!

Now go out and run those sprints " Run like you stole something " and you will be far better off than taking the 5k route!