Intramurals Results and An Open Recap

Congratulations! It is OVER…Open 2016 was a success by all accounts at Crux.

It was a fantastic year with great programming that led to a whole bunch of new PR’s, whether it was chest-2-bars, bar muscle ups, toes-2-bar or crushing your previous score from 14.5. Everyone should be very proud of how well you did and remember your reference should always be your personal fitness, not the person working out beside you. Did you improve a movement, did you PR? These small things add up to paint the big picture of whether or not you are fitter this year than last.

Now that The Open is over, where do we all go from here? We worked on goals at the start of the year, take a look back on those, reflect and take stock of how much you have improved  over the course of the five short weeks. Whether you are doing crossfit to compete, trying to live a balanced lifestyle for self-confidence or for the social aspect and the community, the open is a great time to reflect and begin to realign your goals moving forward.

Although we love our classes and working out with our friends, there is no better time than now to start with some personal training. Spending some time each week with one of our dedicated coaches, focusing on your training could mean a world of difference in your performance and progression as an athlete. We can work on anything from a gymnastics skill you’ve been struggling with, cleaning up your Olympic lifts, or building a personalized strength program, we can do that for you and help you achieve your new goals.

Chat with any of our coaches about personal training or nutrition packages available.

Great turn out for Purple Reigns Good Friday throwdown of 16.5.  The Easter brunch theme was sweet ( no pun intended) and the eggs are still popping up in the gym, 2 weeks later.

I think the combination of the Orange and Purple throughout the day was prominent in participation and easter eggs and thus they share the spirit award for week 5.  Congrats to the top performers this week

RX- Carla, Marianne, Nicole & Sue (Tie), Mike P, Kris K ,Dale B, Scaled- Suzanne R, Hannah, Robin I, John B, Tyler,  Earle & Cam (tie)

The moment you all have been waiting for..but aready figured out..... 2016 Crux 2016 open Intramurals Champions goes to Team Orange is the New Jacked!  Congrats

Please join us for the raising of the banner on April 30th after the MD competition.