Mysty Rennette | Member of the Month

Mysty was definitely nervous when she first started, a little hesitant on the barbell and intimidated with the skill level of the other athletes in the gym. Fast forward to where she is today, and SHE is the one crushing barbell and gymnastic movements with ease! Her willingness to put technique first has helped her tremendously! She moves so well, and is such a skilled and strong athlete now!

Some focused personal training with Brandon allowed Mysty to continue her rapid success in the gym. Identifying personal weaknesses and how to address them has allowed her to move past those sticking points quickly and continue to grow as an athlete. This also allowed her to take the learnt skills and strength back into the class where she continues to get way more out of what's programmed.

“The biggest (and best, in my opinion) change I have noticed in Mysty is her confidence and mental fortitude. She always rises to the occasion, whether its working on strength in our personal training sessions or a tough class WOD. She doesn't make any excuses; she relentlessly puts in work and always does so with a smile on her face!” – Coach Brandon

What brought you to CrossFit?
I was new to Stouffville and was looking to join a gym. I have always enjoyed group fitness and knew I personally enjoyed having a coach lead a workout.  I had been researching Crossfit and was really intrigued by this exercise and of course really intimated too!

I eventually asked on social media if there was anyone who did Crossfit and if so I would love to hear their thoughts!

My girlfriend Kelty responded that she did and there was Crossfit in Stouffville. I immediately searched it out, emailed Cindy and joined that day!

What was your first impression? Has it changed?
It was when Crux was on Sandiford, I walked in and immediately turned to walk out. There were barbells dropping, heavy music playing and the level of intensity was terrifying but also very inspiring!

I remember watching these girls lift heavy weights and thought I will never be able to do that. I remember distinctly at the end of my first on ramp class, Brandon telling me, "you will be able to eventually lift heavy too." I wasn't sure I believed him but I knew I was damn well going to try!

I completed on ramp and found out I was 4 weeks pregnant with my second baby, so I decided to stop as I was too new to the program.  But as soon as I popped that baby out, I knew I'd be back and I was when he just 2 months new.

What’s your proudest moment at Crux?
I have had so many proud moments but if I had to single it down to one, it would be a open workout 15.4!

It was an 8 min workout for total reps of 3 125# cleans and 3 HSPU's, ascending with each round.

I had never done either but I was determined to complete this workout! My first few power cleans were so terrible looking, but then I got better as it went on and I was able to make it to the HSPU's, my goal was to get 1 and I went on to not only get one but get through another round. I got 29 reps on that workout and I remember feeling so proud and in awe that my body just allowed me to do two things I wasn't sure that I could! A big shout out to Brandon, Cindy and Andrea for their encouragement and getting me through!

What are you working on now?
Everything! That is what I love about Crossfit, no matter how much you improve, you are always pushing your boundaries to do more.

But I am focused most right now on improving my upper body strength! I just got my first strict C2B pull up so I am going to try and work on linking those...I want to get a MUP by end of this year - lofty goal I know but I am going to try really hard!

What ‘s your favourite thing about or memory at Crux ?
My favourite thing about Crux is the community that Sean, Cindy and the Crux coaches create for us. It truly feels like family.

If I could go everyday I would, it makes me that happy!

One of my fav memory's is the hero WOD Murph. I love that Crux does it every May (since I have joined) and is a great bench for me.

The first year I was introduced to Murph, I was terrified! I completed it scaled and remember thinking how crazy it was that so many people were completing this workout RX and with weighted vests!!! I was so inspired and also sore for a week! Last year I surprised myself with completing it RX (minus vest) in just under an hour. I look forward to see my improvements this year! And cheering everyone on!