Breeda Ronco - Member of the Month

"Breeda has been with us for almost 2 years.  I still remember her during her foundations, she had a lot of spunk back then too!   She has always been a hard worker in class but it has been recently in the past year the we have consistently watched Breeda step up her game.  She routinely stays late after class to get some extra work in or catch up on a days missed lift.  She is always working towards that next 5 pounds.  

Even during her pregnancy her work ethic hasn't changed.  She is still attending regularly 3-5 times a week and crushing PR's.  Breeda has set the bar high for all of us here at Crux and we couldn't be more happy for her. There is no doubt that Breeda has prepared herself for a quick and healthy delivery of a strong baby!  We wish you best of luck on your upcoming delivery-  it's less than a week away!"

- Coach Cindy

What brought you to Crux?
 Nicole Panacci!  She was a walking referral to join. I honestly think I would've been too intimidated to try it if she hadn't said, "Believe me, if I can do it, you can do it!" 
I am so happy I listened to her and signed up for the On-Ramp.  I am completely hooked and look forward to each and every class.  I remember being really nervous at the beginning, and I am grateful for everyone being so helpful and patient, even when I had to ask what everything on the board meant and if they could show me how to do it! 
What is your fave movement/exercise?
Pre-pregnancy I loved cleaning.  I am really looking forward to being able to clean again when this belly is gone!  
During pregnancy I am loving squatting.  It's a movement I'm still able to do well.  The way down is especially easier thanks to the extra belly weight ;)
What’s your proudest moment at Crux?
I've had a few proud moments since joining.   The first time I completed a WOD RX was an incredible feeling. 
And more recently, PR'ing my bench press & front squat at 37.5 weeks pregnant were very proud moments!  Both of these PR's were such a surprise.  Rhonda and Sean were happy for me and so funny when I was attempting my PRs.  Rhonda was worried I was going to push out the baby, and Sean told me I could definitely squat heavier, but just not to try it that day!
What is your favourite memory or moment at Crux? 
I have so many favourite memories at Crux, and they all have to do with the members and coaches.  I love the comradery and the friendships I've built.  I love the laughs we share in the mornings and how we encourage each other to do better.  I love when you don't think you're going to make it through a WOD, and you have people standing beside you cheering you on.  I love how the coaches are so encouraging and helpful when they're offering pointers and answering questions.  I honestly look forward to every trip to the Crux to work hard, get stronger, and have a blast doing so.  
I especially love bringing my 22 month old son, Michael, to Crux Tots every Wednesday and Friday morning.  He has so much fun with Marianne and his fellow future Crux members.  I'm looking forward to bringing another future member soon!

Any advise for anyone considering working out through their pregnancy?
 I would definitely recommend it (with your doctor's approval of course)!!  This pregnancy, compared to my first, has been a totally different experience.  I have way more energy and feel great, which is crucial for having to chase after a toddler all day!  The super supportive environment makes me motivated to keep coming in and working out, even as my due date gets closer and closer.  
Also, don't think you can't do CrossFit because you're pregnant.  The coaches at Crux have been incredible, always encouraging me and making accommodations for any exercise I am unable to do.  Most recently during the Open, I've really had to have the WODs  modified, and the coaches do it happily so that I am still able to participate and have fun.  I love and am so grateful for my Crux family!