Why YOU Need to Register for The Open

Five weeks, five workouts, it’s really that simple. Last year, 275,000 people across the world took the opportunity to participate in the first step in determining the fittest people in the world. However, this invitation to competition is not why most of us register for the open.

The point of the open isn’t to win, it is the opportunity to be part of something bigger. It can become a snapshot of YOUR fitness for the year and a place to push yourself beyond the regular daily routine at the gym.

Most of the year we focus on fitness, efficiency, and learning. We call this training.  The Open is testing, a time to put all we have learned and put it to the test.

The chances are slim and you most likely aren’t going to regionals.  We know that and it is more than okay.  You have a career, a family, you workout to justify that hamburger on Friday night.

There is still value in competing because you have put hundreds of hours into being fit and healthy.  The Open is the time to have some fun, to to push yourself to test your limits or push yourself into that uncomfortable place. This is testing.  Afterwards, you may discover something about yourself.  You can find pleasure in the experience of exhaustion.

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