OPEN Announcement Party - THURSDAY

This Thursday night we will be streaming the Open Announcement live from the GYM. 

Come by at just before 8 pm to watch it broadcast along with some fellow members.   There are always some great tips and advice to be had afterwards.  And we may be lucky to watch a live faceoff after the announcement...Just sayin'  Any takers?

We will post the workout on Facebook Thursday night with any pertinent information needed, so please make sure to check the site.  Your team captains will also be able to let you in on any news, tips etc .

So what happens next?
16.1 (1st open work out) is announced Live Thursday at 8pm and once we know the exercises, equipment needed and how long the work out may be, we will update the heat schedule for Friday night.  The Friday 6 am, 8:30 & 9:30 am & 12pm classes will all run at their usual time.

We currently have set the heats for 20 min intervals on Fri night starting at 4:50 pm.  The heat START time is your WOD time, not your warm up please make sure to come 15 min to get warm and ready to start.  

For those who have not been out to a Friday night lights before, please note that we do our best to get everyone through at their allotted time, but sometimes things get crazy, people don't show etc and we need to make last minute adjustments.  Please be patient and make sure you have atleast an hour to be in the gym to get in your warm up, work out and help to count someone else's reps.  

We will need all the counters/judges we can find so if you can stay and help out that is always appreciated.

Looking forward to another great OPEN!

Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!