Open Kick Off Party

As we kick off the 2016 Open season, we would like to invite you to the gym on Friday night to learn about the intermural format, meet your fellow teammates mingle, and scheme about how best to approach some skills.

Two weeks ago, our team captains met and drafted our five teams for the Crux Intermural Competition. Each team will be awarded points for completing workouts each week as well as cheering on teammates. A full rundown of the five week of festivities will be explained, so if you are new to the gym or if it’s your first open season, come on in and enjoy the build up to an exciting time of year.

Everyone is welcome from 7-9 so please BYOB if you wish. 

We will also be announcing the awards for the rowing challenge held earlier this month. This was a great challenge and a fantastic lead in to the Open season.

Team Green Team Red Team Purple Team Orange Team Blue
Anne McLean Diana Wideman Alycia Di Cintio Alison Schad Alysha Mcfee
Anthony Luorio Erin Howe Cam Todd Allen Lemieux Axel Gold
Ashleigh Mair Gabe Torres Carolyn May-Mcquillan Ariel Teeuwen Bryan Stott
Brandon Crump Gavin Howe Carolyn O'Grady-Gold Carin Milroy Dan Banks
Breeda Ronco Jonathan Wu Cindy Allison Casey Todd James Ainsworth
Carla Neilly Judy McDougall Craig Ferguson Chris Tiede Jane Vivian
Dave Fintelman Julie Zeppieri Dale Brock Evan Mulvenna Jason Goodfellow
Eddy Aceti Kaelan Nelson Earle Davies Hailee Hallas Jennifer Bowie
Edwin Lemieux Laura Heywood Jane Alden Hannah McDonald Josephine Burrows
James MacDonald Lori Faraci Kathleen Crowley Jason Stronach Kathryne Zeraldo
Joey Crump Matt Rhodes Kyle McMullen John Bouwmeister Kellie Clements
Kyla Thurston Melissa Thomas Lindsay Metcalfe Kelly McDowell Kellie Filipponio
Marianne Prete Nolan Blasko Lucy Valleau Lindsay Duncalfe Lindsay Hamilton
Matt Powell Paige Marlow Matt Traub Lynda Doughty Lisa Irwin
Matthew Jones Reed Russell Michelle Serrano Mike Pagniello Nitin Badwar
Melissa Winchester Robert Rigato Rachel Fay Mike Rapson Pete Fintelman
Mike Cripi Ryan Sansom Sam Bodger Patrick Lemieux Rhonda Fintelman
Monique Lagace Sean Allison Sarah E Renee Jones RJ Clements
Nick Ridley Shane DeNure Sarah Riley Sara Peter Rob Purdy
Nick Metauro Sheri Evans Steve Purdy Sarah Zuccolin Robin Irwin
Paige Savery Teresa Martin Suzanne Romanowitch Shannon MacGregor Sarah Lake
Nicole Panacci (Team Captain) Ty Alden Warren Schad Sue Guadagnano Shaunessy Joyce
Michelle Jatagandzidis (Team Captain) Mysty Rennette (Team Captain) Kris Kobold (Team Captain) Steve McDowell (Team Captain