Efficiency Tips: Muscle Ups

In many ways the ring muscle up has become the Holy Grail of CrossFit. New athletes in the gym might even see it as something mythical that only the best of the best could ever accomplish.
While it may come easily for some, for many athletes it takes weeks, months, sometimes even years to complete their first successful muscle up.
This week in our open prep session, we will focus on the elusive Muscle Up from a strength and endurance standpoint. It will be a great opportunity to work on a skill that is guaranteed to be in one of the workouts and something everyone can work on. 

In addition to our muscle up skill session, we will also be talking about barbell cycling; proper pacing strategies; different efficiency tips when it comes to lifting weights. And lets face it, a barbell WILL be included in the open (possibly multiple times). With the luxury of choosing appropriate weights for the athlete this class is truly scalable to fit any athletes fitness level. 
Space is limited but there is still room to register!
**Please note the time of this class has changed to 10:00AM**