A Simple Act of Kindness: Lifestyle Practice

As we hit the home stretch of the Whole Life Challenge, the final lifestyle practice is all about paying it forward. This can be something our entire community can take part in! If we all make a small gesture, we can make someone’s day a great one. 

Why Is This Practice Important?

No one is an island, yet it’s easy to feel you’re alone in the world — like nobody cares about the things that matter to you, like you’re left to take care of things by yourself.

It doesn’t have to be this way. In truth, it would be impossible to get by in the world without the often-unseen kindness of others. Much of what makes our lives better is the small demonstrations of care that people express through their everyday actions: the held door, help with a flat tire, a quarter for the parking meter.

By putting your attention on what others need, you contribute to the kind of world you’d like to live in — a place where needs are met through connection and kindness. The good news is you get to live in that world, too, ultimately receiving the benefits of your actions. As you begin, you’ll notice the more you act with intentional kindness, the more you’ll see it happening all around you.  

We are challenging you to:

  1. Each day this week, perform a simple act of kindness toward anyone in your world — acquaintance or stranger.
  2. The acts have no size requirement. Small acts are as important as grand gestures.
  3. The acts need not cost money.
  4. You must perform the act intentionally to receive the point (if you are taking part in the Whole Life Challenge). You should not give yourself credit for something that was nice but unintentional.