Member of the Month | Enza Hughes

"I first met Enza when she dropped her boys Ayden and Ashton off for youth class at the old gym space on Ringwood.  She was hesitant but looked keenly interested in what was going on as the adult classes followed the youth classes then. She has come leaps and bounds ever since!  It is such a pleasure coaching Enza in class. She is the first to stop and listen when asked and is extremely coach-able. She is now blowing me away with what she can accomplish in class, from lifting weights to her amazing Handstand push ups!  The first time she told me she could do strict HSPU, I embarrassingly didn't believe her because I know how hard they are, sure enough, she flips upside down, with no hesitation, and proceeded with not just one, but a set of them! 

Keep up the great work EZ, we love ya!" - Coach Brandon

What brought you to CrossFit? 
My fitness regimen was ‘stale’ and ‘routine’. I needed a change! Since both of my boys were working out at CrossFit, I thought it would be fun to work out with them. I put my regular gym membership on hold to try CrossFit. It didn’t take long for me to realize that CrossFit was more than a gym. I cancelled that other gym membership; no desire to go back to a ‘regular’ gym…ever!

I have always enjoyed using free weights and at a regular gym was one of the only females using them. Never a big fan of cardio alone. Combining cardio and weights together is perfect!
What was your first impression? Has it changed?
If I have to be honest, two things intimidated me; the CrossFit terminology and performing the WOD skills in the right order!
I can’t tell you how many times the WOD clock would start and I would simply start a few seconds later just to watch someone complete their first rep so I was sure of what I was doing. If I am having a rough day and cannot focus before the workout, the terminology still trips me up!
As for the order of the WOD skills…ask any of the coaches, I still have to write the WOD down on my hand.
What’s your proudest moment at Crux?
Completing my first RX WOD and strict hand stand push-up. Both of which I completed because a coach believed that I could do it, so I tried.
What are you working on now?
Strict Pull up!
What ‘s your favourite thing about or memory at Crux?
This year I participated in the CF24 which was so much fun. What a toll on the body, but so thrilling to workout with some of the special Olympic athletes! I also enjoyed the in-house competition in support of Muscular Dystrophy. I love that the Crux team supports so many causes; giving back to the community! This sets a good example for so many of the young athletes at the gym.
What motivates you?
What gets me to the gym is the desire to stay healthy (and enjoy my food without too much guilt). For that one hour, the world outside the box simply stops! After the workout, I am able to face the world with a new perspective.
What gets me going at the gym are the people and the coaches!
Advice to someone getting started?
Just get yourself to the gym; you still have to do the work when you get there, but we are in it together and we will finish it together!!