CrossFit Crux is proud to be participating in the 2016 CrossFit Lift Off. The lift off will take place on November 4th at 6:30 pm and will run approximately 2 hours. 

Athletes who sign up will be given a chance to find a 1 RM for their Snatch and Clean and Jerk respectively; following the lifting, there will be 1 Metcon (to be announced on Nov 3rd by CrossFit HQ). 

Link to sign up:  https://games.crossfit.com/liftoff/

The weight classes are as follows:

Men - 135/150/165/180/195/210/225/226+ 
Women - 110/120/130/140/150/160/170/171+ 

The age divisions are as follows:

Open (all ages), Masters (40+), and Teenage (14-17). 

Please let us know if you are planning on attending so we can plan numbers accordingly.  Email Cindy@crossfitcrux.com to get on the roster for the night.

If you are not participating we would still love for you to join us and cheer on your fellow members as they tackle some big weights. All are welcome! 

Please note that regular daytime classes will be scheduled but only a 5 PM evening class will be available due to the LIFT OFF.