Members of the Month | Shaunessy and Ashleigh

"Shaunessy's confidence in class has gone through the roof, which is great.  She used to shy away from some of the more complicated moves like Olympic lifting, but now that's all she wants to focus on.  Shaunessy has gone from someone that just wanted to get a bit more fit and meet some people, to someone that cares about health and fitness as well as about quality movement and mastering all the CrossFit skills that she can.

Shaunessy is a very happy person and she helps make sure that classes don't get boring.  Rarely does a class go by without her pulling out one of her old cheerleader moves or saying something like, 'Oh, this is just like cheerleading..' (you can ask her to explain how a clean & jerk is just like cheerleading).  She is just someone that you look forward to having in your class." - Coach Sean

"Probably because Ashleigh was much quieter when she first started, I had no idea how goal oriented she was.  For the first couple months, I figured she was just happy to come in and do the work every day.  But Ashleigh is focused on the future... Ashleigh has goals (boy does she have goals). I actually have to get her to put a few on the back burner so that she can focus on the most important ones.  But this shows me how important fitness and strength is to her.  She is driven to get better and she is willing to put in the work to get there.

Ashleigh can always be counted on to cheer on the rest of the class and motivate them to finish the wod.  I know she has helped many of our members complete a round faster than they would have otherwise.  Her positive attitude is contagious and it really is what CrossFit is all about." - Coach Sean

What brought you to CrossFit Crux
Two years ago I moved back to town and was looking for ways to get healthy/fit and meet new people. A long time friend of mine Alison Schad invited me to come try sweat Angels and soon enough to encouraged me to try out Crossfit. She knew it would be something I would enjoy and could excel at! She was right!! - Shaunessy

When I moved to Stouffville I didn’t know where I was going to work out. I loved crossfit and was so sad leaving my old gym. I was intimated because I didn’t know anyone in Stouffville. I heard that Crux was an awesome gym and had great coaches. I reached out to Cindy via email and she was so warm and welcoming. I was excited to come in for my first class. - Ashleigh

What changes have you noticed since starting at Crux?
My energy levels are definitely up, I notice when I've been away from the gym due to work conflicts or vacations. I've found my body composition has changed in a positive way and exactly how I was hoping! - Shaunessy

I have noticed a lot of changes. I started working with Sean and my knowledge and understanding of food, body image, hard work and commitment grew exponentially. 

The coaching at Crux is top notch. All of the coaches are so dedicated and truly care about the members. Brendan is not only one of the nicest people I’ve met but has helped me grow as an athlete in so many ways. He constantly pushes me outside my comfort levels, has patience as I try and master lifts and never stops encouraging me to keep going. 

Finally, my husband Nick decided to join Crux after I raved so much. It took me almost 5 years to get him to try Crossfit and now he is hooked. I attribute a lot of that to the fabulous community at Crux. It has brought us closer as we have worked on our health and fitness together and that transcends into our relationship. - Ashleigh

What motivates you?
Originally my motivation was my wedding day! I wanted to fit in my dress and look the way I had envisioned myself looking! Now my motivation is staying in the shape I worked so hard for! I also look to develop my skills and make gains on my lifts. I love how empowered I feel after each class! - Shaunessy

The community and the feeling of success in the gym.  I never thought lifting over 200lbs would empower me and it does. I love the feeling. Also, hitting a point where you don’t think you can go anymore, everything hurts…you can’t catch your breath, and then another member stands beside you and says “c’mon, I’ll finish the lap with you”—your legs just move!
- Ashleigh

How have your eating habits changed?
I'm much more aware of what I chose to use to fuel my body. I pay attention to my macros and avoid all the bad stuff that is out there tempting me. I also learned a tough lesson that just bc you have a bad food day doesn't mean it needs to become a bad week, or month! - Shaunessy

My eating habits have changed a lot. The biggest change is that it isn’t a fad it’s a lifestyle now. - Ashleigh

You recently finished the Nutrition program with Sean, did you see any benifit? 
Originally I signed up for two reasons. Lose weight for my big day and to finally get a pull up. Quickly I realized it was much bigger than that. I have always had nutritional informational available to me. I have been through many different fitness programs. However I needed to figure out what works for me as an individual. I needed to realize that it's not a competition all the time and that I needed to take each day at a time for me and not focus on what others are saying or doing. Black out the negativity and just listen to his plan. Make adjustments as I needed to and learn from my own mistakes.Now I know how to fuel my body and how that is different than how others need to fuel theirs.  – Shaunessy

I signed up with Sean in advance of my wedding. I was working so hard but needed something more. Sean didn’t just coach me but he supported me. He never judged a bad day but also never accepted an excuse. I think that was the biggest lesson – the only reason for failure is the excuses you make. I fell in love with food planning. I never become amazing at it but I also knew what I was going to eat and when. I still need to work on the prep portion, but Sean taught me the fundamentals and I truly loved working with him. - Ashleigh

What was the hardest part about being more conscious about your nutrition?
Understanding that to make the changes I wanted I needed to make sacrifices. I also needed to be honest with myself and plan ahead. Meal planning in whatever form that works for an individual is a key to success. That would be my biggest take away. - Shaunessy

Not making excuses! - Ashleigh

 What is your favourite movement/exercise
My favourite by fair is the deadlift, I'm starting to lean towards the clean tho. – Shaunessy

I love squatting and core work! - Ashleigh

What are your goals moving forward?
I still want that pull up! I am not done shaping my body and want to keep my motivation up and keep making gains. We have also started to focus on perfecting my power clean movements and hope to make huge gains with that lift.
- Shaunessy

•      Deadlift 250lbs
•      Be able to do a strict pull up
•      Run 10 km
•      Maintain good nutrition habits and continue to expand my knowledge in this area
- Ashleigh