CF24 | The Final Countdown

We are in the thick of CF24 Season now and ramping up for our final push to the finish line. This year's event is shaping up to be massive and will raise an incredible amount of awareness and funding for Special Olympics Athletes across the country. 

With that here are a couple of notes: 

Yes, there is still time to register for this great event. Simply go to, register and pledge...its that simple! If you cannot make it but still want to make a donation you can do that here.

Special Olympics Athletes
Special O Athletes will be joining us again this year. They are our special guests and the reason we're doing all of this. Please make them feel like rockstars! They'll be there before we kick things off and will be prepared to say a few words about what Special Olympics has meant to them. 

Are posted here - GO GET EM!

Reebok Prizes
There are still a tonne of shirts, shoes, duffles, and hoodies to win from our Sponsors at Reebok - Raise at least $300 to qualify!!

A huge thank you from the Athletes and Volunteers at Special Olympics. You are changing their lives with your work. Let's finish this thing strong!!