Rowing challenge member spotlight

Just wanted to share how proud I am of Lori Wagg for not only stepping up and joining our rowing competition ( I know this was a big task in itself) but also for continuing to push though these past 2 weeks and get 'er done.   These rowing workouts are no easy task!  I promised to share the pain along with Lori and can attest to the awfulness of them.    No matter where we place in this rankings,  we will both be completing all the challenges,even if there is a 6000 m row - right Lori?..(if I write it here then we have to!!) .  We are definitely getting more comfortable with the uncomfortable!

This weeks challenges included 2 parts.  16.1 was SIX - 250 m sprints with a :45 sec rest for time.  OUCH! If that wasn't bad enough, there was more ... 16.1 b) was 5:00 minutes of rowing for meters.  I am not sure which one was worse, but they both left me with Fran lungs - another feeling I am not so fond of!  That's a work out for another day.

Lori wasn't looking forward to the 5:00 min row, but we had a plan...try to get 1000 m.  I knew she could do it, she just needed to dig deep and keep her pace steady.  We planned for a 2:30 ish pace (that way she would be sure to hit 1000 m row and still be able to breath, or as I think she may have said "not die" )   Lori took off in that first 30 seconds and I thought..oh oh, but once we corrected her strokes/m and recovery pace she managed, not only, to maintain just under a 2:15 pace overall but she also tallied up 1115 m on that baby!..    So proud of you Lori.  We are going to crush 16.3  :)