Our Next session is coming April 2018.

If you would like to get your name on the list for the next session you can fill out your details below.

If you would like to get started sooner please come by for a complimentary No Sweat Intro consultation and we would be happy to get you started today!




Intro To CrossFit

Are you looking to get fit but not sure where to start? Do you want to build a bit of muscle but have peace of mind that you're working with weight and doing strength movements the correct way? Do you want a fun and motivating approach to fitness that will keep you accountable to ensure you get results?  

If YES, then come try our Beginner CrossFit program!

Our 4 week Beginner CrossFit program will help you to start building those good habits needed for success.  We will teach you all the basics of Weight Lifting, CrossFit movements and even touch on Nutrition. You will be guided each step of the way and all the exercises can be scaled to your ability.  

What's Included: 

  • 2 classes per week for 4 weeks  (Tuesday and Thursdays @ 7:30 pm)
  • Small group training to maintain coaching quality
  • Motivated and supportive coaches 
  • Fun group of people to work out with

Program runs Oct 3rd - Oct 26th every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 7:30-8:30 pm.  



If these times don't work for you, feel free to reach out and we can try and make a second class time work.  Please email marianne@crossfitcrux.com